Lawn care services in the Twin Cities and surrounding communities.

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Lawn Cutting/Trimming

Fertilizer/Weed Control

Perennial & Shrub Maintenance

Spring/Fall Cleanup

Irrigation Startups/Winterization


Professional, timely lawn care services, completed in accordance with city ordinances.

Lawn Care

Our weekly lawn care service ensures that your property is neat and pristine.  Leave the lawn care to us!

Spring/Fall Cleanup

Spring and fall cleanup is crucial to keeping your yard healthy.  Our team will ensure all leaves/debris from landscape beds and perimeter beds are cleaned up and ready for the growing season.

Landscape Maintenance

During the growing season we will visit your property two times a month to ensure all perennials & shrubs on the property are well maintained.

Lawn Care

General weekly lawn care, each Wednesday from May 1st through October 15th.  Services includes:

  • Mowing of all designated lawn areas, trimming around lawn perimeter and landscape beds, general debris/branches pick up prior to mowing, bagging & removal of lawn clippings as well as cleaning off all paved surfaces upon completion of service.
  • Lawn will be trimmed down to no less than 2.5″. Mowing services may be delayed at operator’s discretion in the case of any adverse weather, poor site conditions (including drought & water regulation change).
  • Edging of all lawn-to-concrete/asphalt edges will be done 4 times throughout the growing season and will be completed using a lawn edge trimmer (not a string trimmer).
  • Lawn care services provided will be done in a professional & timely manner, in accordance with city ordinance.

Seasonal Lawn Care Applications

Spring/Fall cleanup will be completed as soon as site condition and weather allows.  Services include:

  • Removal of all leaves/debris from landscape beds and perimeter beds to ensure all plants and lawn are uncovered from the growing season.
  • Any perennials that remain upright from fall season will be trimmed back at this point to ensure consistent size/form throughout the association.
  • All leaves/debris/branches will be collected and disposed of off site at commercial disposal site. any damaged lawn areas from plow service (provided by Detailed Property Services LLC) will be removed and replaced with soil/seed & erosion mat to ensure even regrowth.
  • Shrub trimming will be completed for any shrub suitable for early season pruning/shaping.
  • Fall cleanup is similar with the exception of shrub trimming.  Shrubs can be easily damaged if trimmed back too late in the season.
  • Fall cleanup will be done on schedule with the last mow of the season. additional time on site will be needed for this service.

Landscape Maintenance

General landscape maintenance will be performed 2 times per month during the growing season following the spring cleanup and concluding during the fall cleanup. Service includes:

  • Ongoing upkeep with perennials & shrubs installed on the property. Any blooming perennials will be cut back at proper time based on the species, shrubs will be pruned once flowering stage has been completed to ensure optimal health of plant.
  • Any invasive species (unwanted) will be removed as soon as identified (any existing invasive species can be removed and will be billed at an hourly rate + disposal).
  • Top dressing of mulch beds will be performed and billed separately once material and quantity needed are specified.
  • Any low hanging branches and/or shrubs obstructing any common area and/or walking path will be cut back; exceptions being any branch diameter over 3″, which will be billed separately at an hourly rate +disposal.
  • Landscape maintenance services will be performed prior to lawn mowing on weeks that both are scheduled.
  • Landscape maintenance may be delayed at operator’s discretion in the case of adverse weather, poor site conditions (including drought & water regulation change)

Irrigation Startups/Winterization

Irrigation systems will be started up end of April/ early May (weather
permitting)  Service includes:

  • Winterization/ Fall blow out October 1st.
  • Any repairs needed to irrigation system discovered upon startup will be isolated and reported.  Quote for repair will be provided.

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